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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Huge Indian bOObs


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  2. helo previous 'anonymous' poster. I didn't expect anyone to notice btwn her legs. This was supposed to be a boobs pic. Its actually a pic of my wife. U r corect abt wut u saw. My wife is a teacher at a junior school and I took this pic that day. She didn't realize her panty had slipped to one side. Just my luck, the naughtiest student in her class, a black student named Sindile, aged 7, was looking at her boobs this day my wife wore a saree. Her saree slipped exposing her bra and her right nipple popped above her bra. I was standing above them and took the pic to prove to her later that Sindile had an erection because he cud see her nipple. It was indecent, that's why I cut off the part of this full pic which showed him ejaculate. Only later did he confess that he cudnt control cumming when my wifes panty slipped and he saw her naked puss. I was in disbelief seeing him cumm at that age, but more shocked I guess at the next pic I took which was inappropriate to post. His sperm sprayed directly on her puss and my wifes entire puss was covered in his sperm. It was unexpected and embarrassing.

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